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SAT vs. ACT | What's the Big Difference?

Choosing between the SAT and the ACT is one of the first steps students must take on the road to college test prep.

So, what’s the difference?

Before we dig into what makes them different, it is important note what makes them similar. BOTH tests are offered by the same company (College Board) and BOTH tests are used by colleges to evaluate a student’s application for enrollment. Additionally, both tests with test you on the same subjects; both tests will test you on your understanding of math, reading comprehension, writing and language, and graph and data interpretation. They also each have an essay (The essay is optional, but come on. Take the essay. Do it.).

Here at MeriEducation, one of tne of the most common questions we are asked about the SAT and ACT is: Which one do colleges prefer?

The answer is: almost all colleges have no preference! You are FREE to choose the test that you feel you will perform best at! WOOHOO!!!

In order to find out which test you think that YOU will do the be…

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